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Introduction to realtime & embedded operating system
Course Description, policies

Defining realtime & embedded operating systems

9/4 Continue with design of RTEM systems

OS and process model; Cyclic executive; table driven executive ;
ProcModel; CycExe

9/11 Build utilities: unix make, Makefile

9/14 Lets look at process model code; Lab1 discussion
Lab1 discussion
9/16 Process model demos 

Detour: C Lang Foundations; Unix Commands

Thread model for concurrency
Pthreads Tutorial; demos
9/25 Mutual exclusion Mutex
9/28 Realtime scheduling RTSched MarsPathfinder
10/2 Term Project discussion TermProject
10/5 Clock driven scheduling ClkSched
10/12 Review for exam Review

Introduction to EXINU exinu

Introduction to Nexos nexos Term project Signup
10/16 Exam 1 ReviewQuestions
10/21 Lab2: EXINU Kernel programming Lab2
10/23 Xinu Semaphores: mutual exclusion and synchronization among concurrent process XinuSem Xinu
11/4 Communication among processes: pipe() syscall pipeDemo
11/6 Signals and alarms: task control
11/11 Cyclic executive design and implementation: function driven vs table driven CycExec2 CycExecDemo
11/16 Memory mangement MMgt Demo
11/18 Designing a device driver DeviceDriver Xinu devices
11/23 Design Representation and Discovering classes DR & DC
Term Project (Take 2); Device driver design
Term Project

12/2 Framebuffer Description FB Xinu

pipe() example pipeExample
12/4 Process: fork, exec, dup, dup2 demo Project Report Format (suggested)
12/7 Final review
Review ReviewQues

More Review


12/16 Final Exam 11.45AM- 2.45PM NSC 215


RecReg Rec# Day Time Loc TA Sec TA email
  11671   R1   M    9:00 AM - 9:50 AM   Bell 340 Ajay Qi
  11986   R2   M    1:00 PM - 1:50 PM   Bell 340 Andy
  11681   R3   F    1:00 PM - 1:50 PM   Bell 340 Andy
  12199   R4   W    8:00 AM - 8:50 AM   Bell 340 Ajay Qi
  22827   R5   T    4:00 PM - 4:50 PM   Bell 340 Qi


Lab1: Drone Collision Detection System (DCAS)

Lab2: Working with XINU kernel

Term project:
Project summary details

Unix Commands

C Introduction

Process and Thread Programming Links

Posix Threads

Interesting links:

Automotive Embedded Systems: Takada's