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Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. [CV] [Google Scholar] [DBLP]

Fellow of IEEE and IAPR
SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, UB Media Forensic Lab (UB MDFL)
Co-Director, Center for Information Integrity (CII)
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Phone: (716) 437-1587
Email: siweilyu AT buffalo DOT edu
Office: 317 Davis Hall, Buffalo, NY14260

Grants (Total 11.0M USD)
  • Co-PI, Collaborative Research: SAI-R: Integrative Cyberinfrastructure for Enhancing and Accelerating Online Abuse Research, National Science Foundation, Project BCS-2228617, 2022-2025, $375,000.
  • PI, SaTC: CORE: Small: Combating AI Synthesized Media Beyond Detection, National Science Foundation, Project SaTC-2153112, 2022-2025, $500,000.
  • PI, NSF Convergence Accelerator: Track F: Deception Awareness and Resilience Training (DART), National Science Foundation, Project 2137871, 2022-2024, $5,000,000.
  • PI, NSF Convergence Accelerator: Track F: A Disinformation Range to Improve User Awareness and Resilience to Online Disinformation, National Science Foundation, Project OIA-2137871, 2021-2022, $750,000.
  • PI, Methods to Detection of DeepFake Audios, Facebook Inc., 2021-2022, $100,000.
  • PI, SAFE: Source Agnostic DeepFake Detector, AFRL STTR Phase I (collaboration with IAI Inc.), 2021-2021, $15,000.
  • PI, A Study of New Aggregate Losses for Machine Learning, National Science Foundation, Project IIS-2008532, 2020-2023, $448,333.
  • PI, Semantic Information Defender (SID), DARPA Semantic Forensics (SemaFor) Program, 2020 - 2024, $448,000.
  • Co-PI, Yard Locomotion Detection System Development, General Electronics (GE), 2019-2020, $200,000.
  • Awardee, Google AI, Google Faculty Research Award, 2019, $50,000.
  • PI, New Approaches to Combine Individual Losses, Army Research Office, Project 81852, 2018-2021, $375,000.
  • Co-PI, Online AUC Maximization Algorithms for Streaming Data, National Science Foundation, Project IIS-1816227, 2018-2021, $498,333.
  • Co-PI, Data Collection and Preparation, IARPA, Deep Insight of Vision Algorithms (DIVA) Program, 2018-2019, $75,000.
  • Co-PI, Advanced Metric Learning for Big Data Analysis, UAlbany Presidential Innovation Fund for Research and Scholarship, 2017-2018, $50,000.
  • PI, Photons, Pixels, Photoshop and the Internet: Analyzing the Life-Cycle Integrity of Visual Media, DARPA Media Forensics (MediFor) Program, FA8750-16-C-0166, 2016 - 2020, $448,000.
  • Awardee, 3D Tracking Visualization from Surveillance Videos, UAlbany Faculty Research Award (Category A), 2015-2018, $10,000.
  • Co-PI, Continuation: A Dynamic Bayesian Approach to Real-Time Estimation and Filtering in Grasp Acquisition and Other Contact Tasks, National Science Foundation, National Robotics Initiative (NRI) Project IIS-1537257, 2015 - 2019, $220,000.
  • PI, Blind Noise Estimation Using Signal Statistics in Random Band-Pass Domains, National Science Foundation, Project CCF-1319800, 2013-2017, $400,000.
  • Co-PI, Practitioner Centric Video Analysis, National Institute of Justice Project, 2013-IJ-CX-K010, 2013 - 2015, $100,000.
  • Co-PI, A Dynamic Bayesian Approach to Real-Time Estimation and Filtering in Grasp Acquisition and Other Contact Tasks, National Science Foundation, National Robotics Initiative (NRI), Project, IIS-1208463, 2012-2016, $210,000.
  • Awardee, Exposing Digital Forgeries Using Blind Local Noise Level Estimation, UAlbany Faculty Research Award (Category A), 2012-2015, $10,000.
  • Co-PI, Recognizing Group Behavior in Surveillance Videos, National Institute of Justice, 2011 - 2013, $40,000.
  • Awardee, CAREER: A New Statistical Framework for Natural Images with Appli- cations in Vision, National Science Foundation Early Faculty Career Development Award, Project, IIS-0953373, 2010-2015, $500,000.
  • Awardee, Seeing the Unseen: Natural Image Statistics for Digital Forensics, UAlbany Faculty Research Award (Category A), 2009-2012, $10,000.
  • Co-PI, Compressing and Mining GPS Stream Data, University Transportation Research Center, 2009-2010, $99,848.
  • Co-PI, Statistical Patterns to Detect Financial Fraud, IBM Research Center, 2009 - 2010, $40,000.

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