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Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. [CV] [Google Scholar] [DBLP]

Fellow of IEEE and IAPR
SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, UB Media Forensic Lab (UB MDFL)
Co-Director, Center for Information Integrity (CII)
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Phone: (716) 437-1587
Email: siweilyu AT buffalo DOT edu
Office: 317 Davis Hall, Buffalo, NY14260

UB Media Forensic Lab (UB MDFL) [Lab Web] [Lab Wiki]

Current Members

Shan Jia
Yan Ju
Ph.D. Student
Mingzhen Huang
Ph.D. Student
Chengzhe Sun
Ph.D. Student
Soumyya Kanti Datta
Ph.D. Student
Zhaofeng Si
Ph.D. Student
Shuwei Hou
M.S. Student
Jialing Cai
M.S. Student
Jiajun Gao
Undergraduate Student
Zhou Zhou
Undergraduate Student


  • 🎓Dr. Lipeng Ke, graduated 2022, Amazon, Sunnyville, CA.
  • 🎓Dr. Shu Hu, graduated 2022, Post-doc, Carneige Mellon University.
  • 🎓Dr. Ehab Albawdaway, Ph.D. graduate, 2022, Meta Inc., Menlo Park, CA.
  • 🎓Dr. Yuezun Li, graduated 2020, Post-doc, SUNY Buffalo, 2020-2021, Assistant Professor, Chinese Ocean University, Qingdao, China.
  • Dr. Feng Ding, Post-doc, 2019-2020, Huadong Institute of Technology, Wuhan, China.
  • Dr. Dawei Du, Post-doc, 2018-2020, Kitware, Clifton Park, NY.
  • Ao Luo, visiting student, 2018-2020.
  • Dr. Xin Yang, MS graduate, 2019, Amazon, Seattle, WA.
  • 🎓Dr. Wenbo Li, graduated 2019, Samsung Research Lab USA.
  • Dr. Yanbo Fan, visiting student, 2016-2017, Tencent AI Lab (China).
  • Dr. Longyin Wen, Post-doc, 2015-2017, JingDong Finance Research (CA).
  • 🎓Dr. Yueming Yang, graduated 2017, tenure track Assistant Professor at Baldwin Wallace University (OH).
    First job: Assistant Professor, School of Mount Holyoke (MA).
  • Dr. Baoyuan Wu, visiting scholar 2013 - 2014, Hongkong Chinese University, Shenzhen.
  • 🎓Dr. Xin Wang, graduated 2015, CoraCloud Inc.
  • Dr. Xing Mei, Post-doc, 2013-2015, SnapChat Inc.
  • 🎓Dr. Amanda (Danko) Fernandez, graduated 2015, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, San Antonio. First job: USAA Research.
  • Xing Zhang, MS graduated 2014, Google Inc.
  • Dr. Weiyi (Vivien) Sun, graduated 2014, Nuance Communications.
  • Jianting Wen, MS graduate 2013, Facebook.
  • 🎓Dr. Xunyu Pan, graduated 2012, tenured Associate Professor, Computer Science,
    Frostburg State University, MD.

Lab Photos

  • UB MDFL picnic, Niagara Fort State Park, Summer 2022

    lab 06/22

  • Lipeng Ke and Shu Hu graduation ceremony, May 2022

    lab 05/22

    Dr. Lipeng Ke, Prof. Siwei Lyu, and Dr. Shu Hu.

  • UB MDFL Dinner, Buffalo Little Lamb Restaurant, October 2021

    lab 08/15

    (first row left to right): Yan Ju, Shu Hu, Mingzhen Huang, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Chengzhe Sun, and Lipeng Ke.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Moreau State Park, Fall 2019

    lab 08/15

    (first row left to right): Rui Wang, Dr. Chengjiang Long (Kitware), Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Dr. Yiming Ying (Math Dept), Shu Hu
    (second row left to right): Abhineet Pandey, Ehab Albadawy, Yuezun Li, Dawei Du, Yi Wei, Ao Luo, and Lipeng Ke.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab Lunch, A La Shanghai, Latham, Fall 2019

    lab 08/15

  • Dr. Lyu received SUNY Award for Excellence in Research, Fall 2018

    Chancellor Award 2018

    (left to right) President Havidàn Rodríguez, Dr. Siwei Lyu, and Dean Kim Boyer.

  • AI City Challenge Award, Spring 2017

    AI City Challenge Award

    (left to right) Nenghui Song, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Yi Wei.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Grafton Lake State Park, Fall 2017

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Nenghui Song, Yanbo Fan, Ruolin Hou, Wenbo Li, Yuezun Li, Dr. Yiming Ying (Math Dept),
    Yi Wei, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Dr. Xiao Bian (GE Research), Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Longyin Wen, Shengkun Li.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Thacher State Park, Fall 2016

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Wenbo Li, Shengkun Li, Dr. Longyin Wen, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang,
    Yanbo Fan, Yuezun Li, Yi Wei.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab lunch, Sushi X, Latham, summer 2015

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Andrew Pulver, Dr. Xing Mei, Yueming Yang, Xin Wang,
    Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Yiming Ying ( Math Dept).