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Siwei Lyu, Ph.D. [CV] [Google Scholar] [DBLP]

Fellow of IEEE and IAPR
SUNY Empire Innovation Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Director, UB Media Forensic Lab (UB MDFL)
Co-Director, Center for Information Integrity (CII)
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Phone: (716) 437-1587
Email: siweilyu AT buffalo DOT edu
Office: 317 Davis Hall, Buffalo, NY14260

UB Media Forensic Lab (UB MDFL) [Lab Web] [Lab Wiki]

Current Members

Dr. Shan Jia
Assistant Lab Director
Chengzhe Sun
Lab Manager/Ph.D. Student
Yan Ju
Ph.D. Student
Mingzhen Huang
Ph.D. Student
Soumyya Kanti Datta
Ph.D. Student
Zhaofeng Si
Ph.D. Student
Shuwei Hou
Ph.D. Student
Jialing Cai
M.S. Student


  • 🎓Dr. Lipeng Ke, graduated 2022, Amazon, Sunnyville, CA.
  • 🎓Dr. Shu Hu, graduated 2022, Post-doc, Carneige Mellon University.
  • 🎓Dr. Ehab Albawdaway, Ph.D. graduate, 2022, Meta Inc., Menlo Park, CA.
  • 🎓Dr. Yuezun Li, graduated 2020, Post-doc, SUNY Buffalo, 2020-2021, Assistant Professor, Chinese Ocean University, Qingdao, China.
  • Dr. Feng Ding, Post-doc, 2019-2020, Huadong Institute of Technology, Wuhan, China.
  • Dr. Dawei Du, Post-doc, 2018-2020, Kitware, Clifton Park, NY.
  • Ao Luo, visiting student, 2018-2020.
  • Dr. Xin Yang, MS graduate, 2019, Amazon, Seattle, WA.
  • 🎓Dr. Wenbo Li, graduated 2019, Samsung Research Lab USA.
  • Dr. Yanbo Fan, visiting student, 2016-2017, Tencent AI Lab (China).
  • Dr. Longyin Wen, Post-doc, 2015-2017, JingDong Finance Research (CA).
  • 🎓Dr. Yueming Yang, graduated 2017, tenure track Assistant Professor at Baldwin Wallace University (OH).
    First job: Assistant Professor, School of Mount Holyoke (MA).
  • Dr. Baoyuan Wu, visiting scholar 2013 - 2014, Hongkong Chinese University, Shenzhen.
  • 🎓Dr. Xin Wang, graduated 2015, CoraCloud Inc.
  • Dr. Xing Mei, Post-doc, 2013-2015, SnapChat Inc.
  • 🎓Dr. Amanda (Danko) Fernandez, graduated 2015, Assistant Professor, University of Texas, San Antonio. First job: USAA Research.
  • Xing Zhang, MS graduated 2014, Google Inc.
  • Dr. Weiyi (Vivien) Sun, graduated 2014, Nuance Communications.
  • Jianting Wen, MS graduate 2013, Facebook.
  • 🎓Dr. Xunyu Pan, graduated 2012, tenured Associate Professor, Computer Science,
    Frostburg State University, MD.

Lab Photos

  • UB MDFL picnic, Niagara Fort State Park, Summer 2022

    lab 06/22

  • Lipeng Ke and Shu Hu graduation ceremony, May 2022

    lab 05/22

    Dr. Lipeng Ke, Prof. Siwei Lyu, and Dr. Shu Hu.

  • UB MDFL Dinner, Buffalo Little Lamb Restaurant, October 2021

    lab 08/15

    (first row left to right): Yan Ju, Shu Hu, Mingzhen Huang, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Chengzhe Sun, and Lipeng Ke.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Moreau State Park, Fall 2019

    lab 08/15

    (first row left to right): Rui Wang, Dr. Chengjiang Long (Kitware), Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Dr. Yiming Ying (Math Dept), Shu Hu
    (second row left to right): Abhineet Pandey, Ehab Albadawy, Yuezun Li, Dawei Du, Yi Wei, Ao Luo, and Lipeng Ke.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab Lunch, A La Shanghai, Latham, Fall 2019

    lab 08/15

  • Dr. Lyu received SUNY Award for Excellence in Research, Fall 2018

    Chancellor Award 2018

    (left to right) President Havidàn Rodríguez, Dr. Siwei Lyu, and Dean Kim Boyer.

  • AI City Challenge Award, Spring 2017

    AI City Challenge Award

    (left to right) Nenghui Song, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Yi Wei.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Grafton Lake State Park, Fall 2017

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Nenghui Song, Yanbo Fan, Ruolin Hou, Wenbo Li, Yuezun Li, Dr. Yiming Ying (Math Dept),
    Yi Wei, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang, Dr. Xiao Bian (GE Research), Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Longyin Wen, Shengkun Li.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab picnic, Thacher State Park, Fall 2016

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Wenbo Li, Shengkun Li, Dr. Longyin Wen, Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Ming-Ching Chang,
    Yanbo Fan, Yuezun Li, Yi Wei.

  • UAlbany CVML Lab lunch, Sushi X, Latham, summer 2015

    lab 08/15

    (left to right): Andrew Pulver, Dr. Xing Mei, Yueming Yang, Xin Wang,
    Dr. Siwei Lyu, Dr. Yiming Ying ( Math Dept).