CSE 713 - Expanders: Theory and Applications
Fall 2005

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Week Speaker Topic
Aug 29 Hung Q. Ngo

Brief introduction to algebra

Sep 05 Hung Q. Ngo Brief introduction to the probabilistic method & algebraic graph theory
Sep 12 Hung Q. Ngo Bipartite Expanders and Applications
  • Brief introduction to expanders
  • Scribe: Sagar Mehta
Sep 19 Hung Q. Ngo Expanders, Existence with the Probabilistic Method, Introduction to Algebraic Graph Theory
  • Scribe: Xuanshen Yang
Sep 26 Hung Q. Ngo

Expanders and The Spectral Gap

  • Scribe: Seokhoon Yoon
Oct 03 Hung Q. Ngo

Random walks on expanders. Error amplification, derandomization

  • Scribe: Duc Ha
Oct 10 Hung Q. Ngo Expanders and switching networks, constructions of concentrators, superconcentrators, generalizers, etc
  • Scribe: Akshay Wadia
Oct 17 Hung Q. Ngo

Explicit constructions: Cayley graph expanders, the zig-zag product, the Margulis construction, Ramanujan graphs

  • Scribe: Prakash Chougule
Oct 29 Hung Q. Ngo

Expander codes

  • Scribe: Yang Wang
Oct 31 Hung Q. Ngo


  • Scribe: Xin Liu & Anh Le
Nov 07 Sagar Mehta
Xuanshen Yang
Applications to switching networks (Sagar Mehta)
Nov 14 Xin Liu
Duc Ha
Dispersers and extractors (Duc Ha)
Nov 21 Akshay Wadia
Only one presentation this week!
Nov 28 Prakash T. Chougule
Yang Wang
Object Location in P2P Networks (Prakash Chougule)
Expanders and Switching networks (Yang Wang)
Dec 05 SK Soon
Anh Le
Distributed Constructions of Expanders [Anh Le]
Expander Graphs for Digital Stream Authentication and Robust Overlay Networks (IEEE Security and Privacy 2002) [SK Yoon]