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B of D Overview / Overview of the Botanical Gardens database

The Buffalo Botanical Gardens website

Our Web App



Buffalo Botanical Gardens Database and Research Website Project

Microsoft software for CS students

MS Developer Academic Alliance Program (Dreamspark) - The Microsoft website supplies "iso" files, meant to burn a CD. Virtual Clone Drive (click here) can mount an iso file like a disk, no need to burn a CD (download the free version)

Management Studio download link

Software installation instructions

1. Installing Visual Studio and SQL Server

2. Installing the databases in SQL Server

3. Compiling the BotanicalWebDevelopment project in Visual Studio

4. Publishing the website

5. Importing the database from a spreadsheet

Database Files

Botanical databases and logs ZIP file

Sample images

Visual Studio Project/Solution

Botanical web development project folder (unzip and place in your Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 Projects folder, usually in C:\Users\username\Documents\Visual Studio\Projects)

Website 11 folder (unzip and place in C:\  on your laptop) Notes on vers. 10 to 11 changes

Issuing SQL commands from within C#