Prof. Corso moved to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department at the University of Michigan in the 8/2014. He continues his work and research group in high-level computer vision at the intersection of perception, semantics/language, and robotics. Unless you are looking for something specific, historically, here, you probably would rather go to his new page.

High-Performance Medical Image Computing and Computer Aided Intervention

HP-MICCAI 2008: A MICCAI 2008 Workshop on 10 September 2008

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Keynote Speaker: Mark Wofford, VP CAD Siemens Medical

Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm Room: 405

Oral Presentation Schedule:

Keynote Speech (Chair: Jason Corso)
08:00am - 08:29am Mark Wofford, VP CAD Siemens Medical

Reconstruction (Chair: Leiguang Gong)
08:30am - 08:47am Algorithm for Hyperfast Cone-Beam Spiral Backprojection (Steckmann, S. Knaup, M. and Kachielries, M.)
08:48am - 09:05am On the Efficiency of Iterative Ordered Subset Reconstruction Algorithms for Acceleration on GPUs (Xu, F., Mueller, K., Jones, M., Keszthelyi, B., Sedat, J., Agard, D.)
09:06am - 09:23am Clinical Evaluation of GPU-Based Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Noel, P. B., Walczak, A. M., Hoffmann, K. R., Xu, J., Corso, J. J., Schafer, S.)

Visualization, Simulation and Systems (Chair: Vipin Chaudhary)
09:24am - 09:41am Towards Real-Time Radiation Therapy: GPU Accelerated Superposition/Convolution (Jacques, R., Taylor, R., Wong, J.,McNutt, T.)
09:42am - 09:59am Cell Accelerated Cryoablation Simulation (Blezek, D. J., Carlson, D. G., Cheng, L. T., Callstrom, M. R., Eriekson, B. J.)
10:00am - 10:17am Coffee Break

Visualization, Simulation and Systems continued.
10:18am - 10:35am Scene graph-based construction of CUDA kernel pipelines for XIP (Giden, V., Moeller, T., Ljung, P., and Paladini, G.)

Registration and Tracking (Chair: Jason Corso)
10:36am - 10:53am Parallel Mutual Information Based 3D Non-Rigid Registration on a Multi-Core Platform (Rohrer, J., Gong, L. and Szekely, G.)
10:54am - 11:11am Fast Free-Form Deformation using the Normalised Mutual Information gradient and Graphics Processing Units (Modat, M., Taylor, Z. A., Barnes, J., Hawkes, D. J., Fox, N. C., Ourselin, S.)

Segmentation (Chair: Leiguang Gong)
11:12am - 11:29am Speculative Moves: Multithreading Markov Chain Monte Carlo Programs (Byrd, J. M. R., Jarvis, S. A. and Bhalerao, A. H.)
11:30am-11:48pm Real Time Segmentation by Active Geometric Functions (Duan, Qi, Angelini, E. D. and Laine, A. F.)
11:49pm - 12:05pm Towards High Performance Cell Segmentation in Multispectral Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Thyroid Lesions (Gabriel, E., Venkatesan, V. and Shah, S.)

Best Paper Prize Award