CSE 610     Topics in Quantum Computing     Fall 2021

Instructor: Dr. Kenneth W. Regan   326 Davis Hall   645-4738   regan@buffalo.edu

Office Hours:
Regan: TBA (likely including right after class).

Lectures (LEC) MWF   12:45pm-2:00pm   in Baldy 112

Fall 2021 Assignments (will accumulate here)

First-day outline of course objectives, plan, and philosophies.

Piazza Page for Fall 2021

Required Reading

  1. R.J. Lipton and K.W. Regan, Introduction to Quantum Algorithms Via Linear Algebra, Second Edition. Available from the publisher, MIT Press and from Amazon and other sellers.

  2. Other materials, including ones on the Lipton-Regan weblog Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP, to be specified later.

Lecture Notes

(will be accumulated here)