University at Buffalo, The State University of New York


CSE 736: Advanced Topics in Database Systems

Spring 2010



The purpose of the seminar is to present and discuss the state-of-the-art on a set of topics in current database research. Each week, 2 or more papers on a databases-related topic will be presented and discussed. A choice of papers is given for the students to pick which one to present. Also, the students are required to read the papers scheduled for presentation each week, to be able to participate in discussions in class. In detail:

  • The students will be required to give a class presentation and prepare a report. Those will be based on an original research or survey paper.
  • The students must have their slides ready for the preparation meeting with the instructor on the Monday before their presentation (see Schedule below).
  • Report Guidelines - Reports are due one week after your presentation
  • All students must read at least one relevant paper a week and be prepared for the discussions in class. Every student has to ask at least one question!
  • Class attendance and participation are mandatory.
  • It is possible to register for 1-3 credits.
  • Prerequisite: CSE 562 or equivalent.


. Day/Time/Location
Seminar Friday
2:00pm - 4:00pm
The Commons - Room 9
Preparation Meeting Monday
12:30pm - 1:30pm (Flexible)
210 Bell Hall

The following is a tentative schedule of presentations. Please check this section frequently.

Week Date Presenter/Papers Slides/Report
1 01/15 No Meeting
2 01/22 Seminar Introduction & Topics Discussion
3 01/29 Abhijith Kashyap Slides
4 02/05 Michalis Petropoulos Slides
5 02/12 Mohan Kumar Padmanabhan Slides
6 02/19 Robert Surówka Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
7 02/26 Gaurav Vaidya Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
Herat Acharya Slides
8 03/05 Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan Slides
9 03/12 No Meeting (Spring Recess)
10 03/19 Suraj Paramasivam Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
11 03/26 Senthil Kumar Gurusamy Slides
Yingjing Yan Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
12 04/02 Divyank Shwetank Mauria TBA
13 04/09 Prasad Tulsiraman Vandavasi TBA
Rahul Malviya Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
14 04/16 Sandeepkrishnan Poyyalae Slide Set 1
Slide Set 2
15 04/23 Mayur Sakthivel TBA
Ashish Dhal TBA


This is the tentative list of possible presentation topics that I would like to cover in the seminar. You can choose among those or propose another topic. Seed papers for each topic will keep being added until the third meeting. You should look at the list of references in these papers to find more relevant papers. You should also use Google Scholar to find later papers that reference the seed papers.