CSE 632: Analysis of Algorithms II : Randomized Algorithms (Fall 2019)

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Time: WeFr 11:00AM~12:20PM

Location: Talbert 103

Credits: 3

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Shi Li

Office: 328 Davis Hall

Email: [first name][last name initial][at][buffalo][dot][edu]

Homepage: http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~shil/

Office hours for the course: Wed 2:00pm-3:00pm and by Appointment


Randomness is a basic and extremely useful concept in algorithm design. Over the last three decades, randomized algorithms has grown into a big research area and tremendous tools and techniques have been developed for a wide range of applications. This course will cover some of the basic tools in design and analysis of randomized algorithms.


A prerequisite of CSE 431/531 is required. A basic knowledge of probability theory is desirable.

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Homework Policy

No late homeworks will be accepted. You are allowed to discuss with classmates on homework problems. However, it is highly recommended that you first think about each problem for enough time before the discussion. You must write your solutions by yourself, in your own words. You need to write down the names of the students you collaborated with. Those who fail to follow these rules will be treated as cheating and violation of academic integrity. Other than getting an immediate F for the course, further actions consistent with the Department Academic Integrity Policy will be taken.


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Homework 19/12/20199/26/2019
Homework 210/1/201910/15/2019
Homework 310/21/201911/4/2019
Homework 411/10/201911/24/2019
Homework 511/23/201912/3/2019