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Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide

Alphabetical Listing of Restaurants: I

Last Update: Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted

Restaurants beginning with "Il" are listed as if that definite article were not there
(just as it would be in English; restaurants beginning with "The" are not listed under "T"!).
So, e.g., "Il Fiorentino" is listed under "F".

But, for the sake of convenience, "Il" restaurants are indexed here, with links to their listings.


Ichiban House    (Amherst/North Bailey)
IHOP    (Amherst/North Bailey)
Ike and BG's    (Buffalo/East Side)
Il Fiorentino Ristorante    (Town of Orchard Park)
Ilio DiPaolo's Restaurant & Ringside Lounge    (Hamburg/Blasdell)
Imperial Pizza    (South Buffalo)
India Gate    (Buffalo/Elmwood Village)
Indian Falls Log Cabin    (Genesee County/Pembroke)
Inn on the Twenty    (Canada/Lincoln-Jordan Village)
Iris Restaurant    (Amherst/North Bailey)
The Irish Harp Pub    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Irish Times    (Downtown Buffalo)
Irishman Pub & Eatery    (Amherst/Williamsville)
L'Isola d'Oro    (Town of Hamburg)
UPDATED [***] The Italian Fisherman    (Chautauqua County/Bemus Point) UPDATED
Italian Village    (Cheektowaga/Depew)

, *, **, ***
Bill's rankings
[XXX] recommendation from contributor whose initials are XXX

All phone numbers are in area code 716, unless otherwise indicated.
All locations are in Erie County, unless otherwise indicated.

Ichiban House.
3192 Sheridan Dr.
(in Piccadilly Plaza, at N. Bailey Ave.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

IHOP (International House of Pancakes).
4003 Maple Rd.
(at N. Bailey Ave., near Boulevard Mall),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

Ike and BG's Rib House.
1646 Genesee St.
(between Montana & Colorado Aves.),
East Side (City of Buffalo).

Ilio DiPaolo's Restaurant and Ringside Lounge.
3785 South Park Ave.
(Rt. 62, at Helen Ave., between Lake Ave. & Rt. 179/Mile Strip Expy.; near Exit 56 on the I90/NYS Thruway),
Village of Blasdell (Town of Hamburg).

Imperial Pizza.
• menu (images dated 2009–2011)
1035 Abbott Rd.
(south of Eden St. and Red Jacket Pkwy.,
north of Whitehall Ave. and Ridge Rd.),
South Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

India Gate.
1116 Elmwood Ave.
(at Forest Ave.),
Elmwood Village blue section (City of Buffalo).

Indian Falls Log Cabin Restaurant.
1227 Gilmore Rd.
(between Akron & Rt. 77/Alleghany Rd., north of Corfu),
Indian Falls (Town of Pembroke, Genesee County).

Inn on the Twenty.
3845 Main St.
(south of Wismer St. & Fourth Ave.,
north of King St.;
Exit 55 (Vineland) off the QEW from Buffalo;
follow the winery signs to Jordan Village),
Jordan Village (Town of Lincoln, Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.
1-905-562-7313, 1-800-701-8074.

Iris Restaurant.
4224 Maple Rd.
(at Sweet Home Rd., part of the Maple Entertainment Complex in the Maple Ridge Plaza, near the UB North Campus),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

The Irish Harp Pub.
245 King St.
(between Johnson St./Platoff St. & Queen St./Picton St.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Irish Times.
38 Swan St. (a.k.a. "James D. Griffin Plaza")
(between Washington St. & Ellicott St., across the street from Coca-Cola Field),
Downtown Buffalo.

The Irishman Pub & Eatery.
5601 Main St.
(almost directly across from E. Spring St.,
west of Mill St. & Ellicott Creek,
east of S. Cayuga Rd.),
Village of Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

L'Isola d'Oro.
4690 Camp Rd.
(at Queen's Ln./Howard Rd., west of Roundtree, south of Athol Springs, east of Mt. Vernon and Locksley Park),
Town of Hamburg.

[***] The Italian Fisherman.
61 Lakeside Dr.
(on Chautauqua Lake,
at the foot of Main St./Rt. 430
just before it makes a right turn to become Center St./Rt. 430),
Village of Bemus Point (Town of Ellery, southern Chautauqua County).

Italian Village Restaurant.
• Facebook page
6354 Transit Rd.
(on the northern border of Depew,
between Rehm Rd. and Cloverleaf Dr./Pleasant View Dr.),
Village of Depew (Town of Cheektowaga)


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