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Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide

Alphabetical Listing of Restaurants: O

Last Update: Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted


O3 Organic Cafe    (Amherst/Snyder)
O'Brien's Pub & Steakhouse    (Eden)
O'Daniels Gin Mill & Grill    (South Buffalo)
Oh Pour l'Amour du Chocolat    (Amherst/Snyder)
Ohlson's Bakery Cafe    (Clarence/Harris Hill)
Old Man River    (City of Tonawanda)
Old Orchard Inn    (Aurora/Blakeley-East Aurora)
The Old Pink (Flamingo)    (Buffalo/Allentown)
Old Prune Restaurant    (Canada/Stratford)
Old Winery Restaurant    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Olde Angel Inn    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
The (Olde English) Parlour    (Canada/Stratford)
The Olde School Restaurant & Piano Bar    (Canada/Brant)
Olive Branch Family Restaurant    (West Seneca/Gardenville)
Olive Garden    (Amherst/North Bailey-Boulevard Mall & Chautauqua County/Lakewood)
Olive's    (Chautauqua County/Mayville)
[***] Oliver's    (North Buffalo)
Olympia Family Restaurant    (Niagara County/Wheatfield-Nashville)
Olympic Restaurant    (Town of Cheektowaga)
Omega Deli    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
(Inn) On the Twenty    (Canada/Jordan Village)
One-Eyed Jacks Smokehouse Grill    (Niagara County/South Lockport)
Orazio's Italian Crepes & Gelato    (Cheektowaga/Walden Galleria)
Orazio's Restaurant    (Clarence/Harris Hill-Clarence Hollow area)
Orchid Asian Bistro    (Tonawanda/Kenmore)
The Original Honey's    (Amherst/North Bailey-UB North Campus area)
[***] Original Pancake House    (Orchard Park, & Amherst/West Amherst & Williamsville)
Original Soup Man    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
UPDATED Oshun Oyster Bar    (Downtown Buffalo) UPDATED
[***] Osteria 166    (Downtown Buffalo)
Otto's Restaurant & Bar    (Cheektowaga/U-Crest)
Outback Steakhouse    (Town of Hamburg & Amherst/North Bailey)

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Bill's rankings
[XXX] recommendation from contributor whose initials are XXX

All phone numbers are in area code 716, unless otherwise indicated.
All locations are in Erie County, unless otherwise indicated.

O3 Organic Cafe.

4446 Main St.
(between Daemen College & Harlem Rd.),
Snyder (Town of Amherst).

O'Brien's Pub & Steakhouse.
8557 N. Main St.
(between E. Church St. & Roswell Pkwy.),
Eden (Town of Eden).

O'Daniels Gin Mill & Grill.
1305 Abbott Rd.
(between Bell Ave. & Julian Ave., north of Ridge Rd./Father Baker Blvd.),
South Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

Oh Pour l'Amour du Chocolat.
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4476 Main St.
(in Snyder Square, at Harlem Rd.),
Snyder (Town of Amherst).

Ohlson's Bakery Cafe.
8500 Sheridan Dr.
(at Harris Hill Rd.),
Harris Hill (Town of Clarence).

Old Man River.
375 Niagara St.
(at Franklin St.),
City of Tonawanda.

Old Orchard Inn.
2095 Blakeley Corners Rd.
(west of the Rt.400/Aurora Expy.,
east of Underhill Rd. & east of Center St.,
south of East Aurora),
Blakeley (Town of Aurora).

The (Old) Prune Restaurant
151 Albert St.
(south of Ontario St. & east of Downie St.),
Romeo Ward (City of Stratford, Perth County), ON, CANADA.

Old Winery Restaurant.
2228 Niagara Stone Rd.
(between Niven Rd. & Mary St.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

The Olde Angel Inn.
224 Regent St.
(between Queen & Mary Sts.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

The Olde School Restaurant & Piano Bar.
687 Powerline Rd.
(at Paris Rd. W., north of the 403, just northwest of the City of Brantford),
County of Brant, ON, CANADA.
1-519-753-3131 or 1-888-448-3131.

Olive Branch Family Restaurant.
2343 Union Rd.
(between Gardenville Pkwy W. & Greenfield Ave., south of French Rd.)
Gardenville (Town of West Seneca).

Olive Garden.
328 E. Fairmount Ave.
(next to Chautauqua Mall,
east of Mall Blvd.,
west of Southwestern Dr.),
Village of Lakewood (Town of Busti, southern Chautauqua County).

3951 Maple Rd.
(next to Boulevard Mall, between N. Bailey Ave. & Alberta Dr.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

215 W. Lake Rd. (Rt. 394)
(in the Chautauqua Suites Meeting & Expo Center hotel, at the southern tip of Mayville, on Chautauqua Lake),
Village of Mayville (Town of Chautauqua, southern Chautauqua County)

*** Oliver's.
2095 Delaware Ave.
(north of Amherst St.,
south of Delham Ave. & Linden Ave.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

Olympia Family Restaurant.
3312 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(east of Nash Rd., north of North Tonawanda),
Nashville (Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County).

Olympic Restaurant.
4611 Genesee St.
(east of Sonwil/Holtz Dr., across from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport),
Town of Cheektowaga.

Omega Deli.
8582 Transit Rd.
(south of Klein Rd., just south of East Amherst),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst)

One-Eyed Jacks Smokehouse Grill.
5983 S. Transit Rd.
(at Robinson Rd.),
South Lockport (Town of Lockport, Niagara County).

Orazio's Italian Crepes & Gelato.
Walden Galleria,
Town of Cheektowaga.

Orazio's Restaurant.
9415 Main St.
(west of Goodrich Rd.,
& east of Thompson Rd.;
east of Harris Hill & west of Clarence Hollow),
Town of Clarence.

Orchid Asian Bistro.
2756 Elmwood Ave.
(at North End Ave.),
Village of Kenmore (Town of Tonawanda).

*** Original Pancake House.

2075 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(between the I-290/Youngmann Memorial Hwy. & Willow Ridge Dr.),
West Amherst (Town of Amherst).

3019 Union Rd.
(south of Michael Rd., on the border with West Seneca, north of Webster Corners),
Town of Orchard Park.

5479 Main St.
(between Los Robles St. & S. Cayuga Rd.),
Village of Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Original Soup Man.
5225 Sheridan Dr.
(in Georgetown Square, corner of Evans Rd. & Sheridan Dr.),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Oshun Oyster Bar.
5 E. Huron St.
(at the northwest corner with Washington St.,
east of Main St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

[***] Osteria 166.
166 Franklin St.
(at the northwest corner with W. Mohawk St.,
east of Bean Alley (where there is a pay parking lot),
south of W. Huron St.,
north of Court St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Otto's Restaurant & Bar.
3972 Union Rd.
(at the northwest corner with the north-or-west portion of George Urban Blvd.),
U-Crest (Town of Cheektowaga).

Outback Steakhouse.

1551 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(at Romney Rd.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

3670 McKinley Pkwy.
(in McKinley Plaza, near Blasdell),
Town of Hamburg.


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