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Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide

Alphabetical Listing of Restaurants: P

Last Update: Sunday, 6 September 2015

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted


Paddy's Pizza    (Cheektowaga/Depew)
Page's Grille & Bar    (Town of Lancaster)
El Palenque Mexican Grill    (Amherst/Eggertsville)
Pan American Grill & Brewery    (Downtown Buffalo)
Panaro's    (Buffalo/Allentown)
Pancake House at Arcade Center Farm    (Wyoming County/Arcade Center)
Pane's Restaurant    (Niagara County/North Tonawanda)
Panera Bread
      (Amherst/North Bailey & "Greater" Williamsville, Town of Hamburg,
      Tonawanda/Kenmore Northeast, Town of Orchard Park,
      & Niagara County/South Lockport)
Pano's Restaurant    (Buffalo/Elmwood Village)   
UPDATED Papa Jake's Saloon    (Buffalo/North Buffalo-Elmwood Ave.)— CLOSED
[***] Papaya Asian Kitchen & Bar    (Downtown Buffalo)
Parings Wine Bar    (Amherst/Williamsville)
Parkside Candy    (Buffalo/University Heights)
The Parlour    (Canada/Stratford)
      (East Aurora, Evans/Highland on the Lake, & West Seneca/Ebenezer)
Paula's Donuts    (Clarence/Harris Hill & Tonawanda/Lincoln Park)
Pautler's Drive In    (Clarence/East Amherst)
Pearl Street Catering at Lafayette    (Downtown Buffalo)
Pearl St. Grill & Brewery    (Downtown Buffalo)
Peg's Place Restaurant    (Hamburg/Athol Springs)
Pegasus Restaurant (Hamburg/Scranton)   
Peking Garden    (Tonawanda/Kenmore-Elmwood North)
Peking Quick One    (Tonawanda/Brighton)
Peller Estates Winery Restaurant    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Peppino's Burritos    (Amherst/UB North Campus)
Perison's Restaurant    (Buffalo/Broadway-Fillmore)
Perk's Café & Market    (Downtown Buffalo)
Peter K's    (Cheektowaga/Pine Hill)
Pettibones Grille    (Downtown Buffalo/Coca Cola Field)
P.F. Chang's    (Cheektowaga/Walden Galleria)
Pho Dollar    (Buffalo/West Side)
Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant    (Amherst/North Bailey)
The Phoenix    (Buffalo/Black Rock)
Pi Craft Fast Fired Fresh Pizza    (Tonawanda/Green Acres-Niagara Falls Blvd.)
Picasso's Pizza    (Lancaster)
Piemania    (Clarence/Harris Hill-Eastern Hills Mall)
Pillar and Post Inn    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Pine Lounge    (Wyoming County/Cowlesville)
The (Old) Pink (Flamingo)    (Buffalo/Allentown)
Pita Gourmet    (Niagara County/Niagara Falls, NY/Fashion Outlets)
Pizza Amore    (Grand Island)
La Pizza Club    (North Buffalo/Hertel Ave.)
The Pizza Glen    (Colden/Glenwood)
Pizza Pan    (Tonawanda/Deerhurst Park)
[***] Pizza Pizza    (Canada/multiple locations)
Pizza Plant Italian Pub    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
Pizza Towne    (Buffalo/West Side)
Plaka    (Tonawanda/Kenmore)
Polish Villa    (Town of Cheektowaga)
Polish Villa 2    (Cheektowaga/Kaisertown)
The Pomegranate    (Clarence/Harris Hill-Transit Rd.)
Ponderosa Steak House    (Concord/Springville)
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen    (North Buffalo-Elmwood Ave.)
The Poppyseed Restaurant    (Town of Hamburg)
LaPort's Pine Restaurant    (Niagara County/Lockport)
La Porta's Pizzeria    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
Potts Deli & Grille    (Cheektowaga/Kaisertown)
Prima Pizza Pasta    (Downtown Buffalo)
Prince of Wales Hotel    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
The Protocol Restaurant    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
The (Old) Prune Restaurant    (Canada/Stratford)
The Pub    (Chautauqua County/Jamestown)
The Public House of Buffalo    (North Buffalo-Hertel Ave.)

, *, **, ***
Bill's rankings
[XXX] recommendation from contributor whose initials are XXX

All phone numbers are in area code 716, unless otherwise indicated.
All locations are in Erie County, unless otherwise indicated.

Paddy's Pizza.
4673 Broadway
(between Transit & Borden Rds.),
Village of Depew (Town of Cheektowaga).

Page's Grille and Bar.
4725 Transit Rd.
(between French Rd. in Cheektowaga & Clinton St., in the southwest corner of the town, north of Blossom),
Town of Lancaster.

El Palenque Mexican Grill.
951 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(between Sheridan Dr. & Eggert Rd., at the western edge of Northtown Plaza),
Eggertsville (Town of Amherst).

Pan American Grill & Brewery.
391 Washington St.
(in Hotel @ The Lafayette,
south of Clinton St.,
north of the western section of E. Eagle St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

571 Delaware Ave. (just north of Allen St.),
Allentown (City of Buffalo).

Pane's Restaurant.
984 Payne Ave.
(at 16th Ave., between Walck & Ward Rds.),
City of North Tonawanda (Niagara County).

Panera Bread.

1593 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(between Romney & Ridge Lea Rds.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

1747 Sheridan Dr.
(at Delaware Rd.),
Kenmore Northeast (Town of Tonawanda).

3701 McKinley Pkwy.
(in the McKinley Mall, near Blasdell),
Town of Hamburg.

3995 N. Buffalo Rd.
(between Webster Rd. & W. Quaker St., north of the Village of Orchard Park),
Town of Orchard Park.

5744 S. Transit Rd.
(Rt. 78, at Shimer Rd.),
South Lockport (Niagara County).

8200 Transit Rd.
(in Lowe's Plaza, north of Maple Rd.),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

And other locations.

Part of the chain.

Pano's Restaurant.
1081 Elmwood Ave.
(between Forest Ave. & Bird Ave.),
Elmwood Village blue section (City of Buffalo).

[***] Papaya Asian Kitchen & Bar.
118 W. Chippewa St.
(in the Hampton Inn,
west of Delaware Ave.,
& east of S. Elmwood Ave.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Parings Wine Bar.
5893 Main St.
(between Garrison Rd. & Youngs Rd.),
Village of Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Parkside Candy Co.
3208 Main St.
(at W. Winspear Ave., diagonally across the street from the UB South Campus),
University Heights (City of Buffalo).

The Parlour.
101 Wellington St.
(in the Best Western Plus the Parlour Historic Inn & Suites, at St. Patrick St., between Erie & Downie Sts.),
Shakespeare Ward (City of Stratford, Perth County), ON, CANADA.
1-519-271-2772 or 1-877-728-4036.


242 Main St.
(between Maple Rd. & Buffalo Rd.),
Village of East Aurora (Town of Aurora).

3720 Seneca St.
(at the northwest corner with Hilldale Ave.,
west of Union Rd.),
Ebenezer (Town of West Seneca).

6824 Erie Rd.
(between Hamilton Dr. & Wellington Dr.,
north of Derby,
between Angola & Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff),
Highland on the Lake (Town of Evans).

Paula's Donuts.

2319 Sheridan Dr.
(just east of Vicksburg Ave.),
Lincoln Park (Town of Tonawanda).

8560 Main St.
(between Laura Ln. & Harris Hill Rd.),
Harris Hill (Town of Clarence).

Pautler's Drive-In.
6343 Transit Rd.
(between Casey & Muegel Rds.),
East Amherst (Town of Clarence).

Pearl Street Catering at Lafayette .
391 Washington St.
(3rd-floor banquet room in Hotel @ The Lafayette, between Clinton St. & E. Eagle St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Pearl St. Grill & Brewery
76 Pearl St.
(at the northwest corner with W. Seneca St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Peg's Place Restaurant.
4046 Lake Shore Rd.
(on the northbound side, at St. Francis Dr., north of Big Tree Rd.),
Athol Springs (Town of Hamburg).

Pegasus Restaurant.
5748 South Park Ave.
(at Quinby Dr., north of the Village of Hamburg),
Scranton (Town of Hamburg).

Peking Garden.
3666 Delaware Ave.
(between Sheridan Dr. & Brighton Rd.),
Elmwood North (Town of Tonawanda).

Peking Quick One.
359 Somerville Ave.
(between Brighton & Eggert Rds.),
Brighton (Town of Tonawanda).

Peller Estates Winery Restaurant.
290 John St. East
(north of East and West Line,
just off the Niagara Pkwy.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Online reservations available through OpenTable.com.

Perison's Restaurant.
999 Broadway
(in the Broadway Market, between N. Fillmore Ave. & Memorial Dr.),
Broadway-Fillmore (City of Buffalo).

Perk's Café & Market.
36 Broadway
(at Ellicott St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Peter K's.
2709 Harlem Rd.
(1 block south of George Urban Blvd.),
Pine Hill (Town of Cheektowaga).

Pettibones Grille.
275 Washington St.
(in Coca-Cola Field, at Swan St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

P.F. Chang's.
Walden Galleria,
Town of Cheektowaga.

Pho Dollar.
322 W. Ferry St.
(just east of Grant St.,
west of Parkdale Ave. & Richmond Ave.),
West Side (City of Buffalo).

Pho Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant.
1551 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(in Burlington Plaza, at Romney Rd., north of Maple Rd.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

The Phoenix.
269 Amherst St.
(at Military Rd.)
Black Rock (City of Buffalo).

Pi Craft Fast Fired Pizza Kitchen.
1750 Niagara Falls Blvd.
(north of Koenig Rd./Ridge Lea Rd.,
south of the I-290/Youngmann Memorial Hwy.),
Green Acres (Town of Tonawanda).

Picasso's Pizza.
5413 Broadway
(at Central Ave.),
Village of Lancaster (Town of Lancaster).

4545 Transit Rd.
(at the Food Court in Eastern Hills Mall),
Harris Hill (Town of Clarence).

Pine Lounge.
164 Clinton St.
(between Cozy & Bullis Rds.),
Cowlesville (Town of Bennington, Wyoming County).

Pita Gourmet.
1930 Military Rd.
(in Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls outlet mall, between Factory Outlet & Niagara Falls Blvds.),
City of Niagara Falls (Niagara County), NY.

Pizza Amore.
2024 Grand Island Blvd.
(in the Sunoco/Dunkin Donuts Plaza, between Whitehaven Rd. & Webb Rd., in the center of Grand Island),
Town of Grand Island.

La Pizza Club.
1511 Hertel Ave.
(between Parkside & Colvin Aves.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

The Pizza Glen.
9764 State Rd. (Rt.240/Glenwood East Concord Rd.)
(south of Murray Hill Rd., north of Crump Rd.,
north of Kissing Bridge ski area),
Glenwood (Town of Colden).

Pizza Pan.
215 Highland Pkwy.
(between Colvin Blvd. & Englewood Ave.),
Deerhurst Park (Town of Tonawanda).

[***] Pizza Pizza.
Various locations throughout Ontario. Link to their website (click their name, above) for locations and phone numbers.

Pizza Plant Italian Pub.
7770 Transit Rd.
(just north of Sheridan Dr.),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Pizza Towne.
859 Niagara St.
(between Rhode Island St. & Massachusetts Ave.),
West Side (City of Buffalo).

The Plaka Restaurant.
2904 Delaware Ave.
(between Lincoln Blvd./Delaware Rd. & Victoria Blvd.),
Village of Kenmore (Town of Tonawanda).

Polish Villa.
2954 Union Rd.
(at Vern Ln./Como Park Blvd., just south of Forks),
Town of Cheektowaga.

Polish Villa 2.
1085 Harlem Rd.
(at the northeast corner with Viola Dr.,
north of Clinton St.,
south of Creekside Dr. and Cayuga Creek Rd.),
Kaisertown (Town of Cheektowaga).

The Pomegranate.
4125 Transit Rd.
(between Main St. & Wehrle Dr., in Transit Corners),
Harris Hill (Town of Clarence).

Ponderosa Steak House
34 S. Cascade Dr.
(just south of W. Main St.),
Village of Springville (Town of Concord).

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
2090 Elmwood Ave.
(in Home Depot Center,
south of Hinman Ave. & Kenmore Ave.,
north of Hertel Ave.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

The Poppyseed Restaurant.
3620 McKinley Pkwy.
(across from McKinley Mall,
just east of Blasdell),
Town of Hamburg.

La Port's Pine Restaurant.
48 Pine St. (downtown, between Walnut (right off N. Transit right by Kenyon's) and Main St.), Lockport.

Potts Deli & Grille.
41 S. Rossler Ave.
(south of Griswold St.,
north of Clinton St.),
Kaisertown (Town of Cheektowaga).

Prima Pizza Pasta.
396 Pearl St.
(at W. Chippewa St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

The Protocol Restaurant.
6766 Transit Rd.
(at the southwest corner with the section of Freeman Rd. that is west of Transit Rd.,
south of Wehrle Dr.,
north of the I-90/Thruway,
in the Transit Corners neighborhood),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

The Pub.
209 N. Main St.
south of W. 3rd St.,
& north of W. 2nd St.),
City of Jamestown (southern Chautauqua County).

The Public House of Buffalo.
1206 Hertel Ave.
(east of Virgil Ave. & Delaware Ave.,
west of Lovering Ave. & Colvin Ave.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).


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