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Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide

Alphabetical Listing of Restaurants: N

Last Update: Friday, 4 September 2015

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted


9-11 Tavern    (South Buffalo)
UPDATED 99 Brick Oven Bar & Grille    (Lancaster) UPDATED
99 Fastfood    (Buffalo/University District)
Natalie's Mediterranean Eatery    (Amherst/Eggertsville-Grover Cleveland Terr.)
Neapolis Family Restaurant    (Buffalo/Bailey-Lovejoy)
Nette's Fried Chicken    (Buffalo/University Heights)
New Star Chinese Buffet    (North Buffalo)
Niagara Café    (Lower West Side)
Niagara Culinary Institute Benchmark Restaurant    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake/Glendale)
Niagara Fallsview Casino    (Canada/Niagara Falls, ON)
Nick Charlap's Ice Cream    (North Boston)
Nick's Place    (North Buffalo)
Nick's Place Express    (Tonawanda/Kenmore)
Nina's Custard    (Amherst/Getzville)
Nine-Eleven Tavern    (South Buffalo)
Nino's Pizza    (Hamburg)
Nissan's Kosher Deli    (Amherst/North Buffalo)
Nite Cap Grill    (Tonawanda/Riverview)
NOLA    (Buffalo/West Side)
La Nova Pizzeria    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville & Buffalo/West Side)
The Now Pizzeria    (Village of Hamburg)

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All phone numbers are in area code 716, unless otherwise indicated.
All locations are in Erie County, unless otherwise indicated.

99 Brick Oven Bar & Grille.
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99 Aurora St.
(just south of Garfield St. & south of Broadway;
north of Benson Dr., Lancaster Middle School, & Como Park Blvd.),
Village of Lancaster (Town of Lancaster).

99 Fastfood Restaurant.
3396 Bailey Ave.
(between Highgate Ave. & Lisbon Ave., south of the UB South Campus on Main St.),
University District (City of Buffalo).

Natalie's Mediterranean Eatery.
807½ Millersport Hwy.
(in Grover Cleveland Plaza, between Eggert Rd. & Sheridan Dr., just north of Grover Cleveland Terrace, about halfway between the UB North & South Campuses),
Eggertsville (Town of Amherst).

Neapolis Family Restaurant.
1389 Bailey Ave.
(at Stanley St.),
Bailey-Lovejoy (City of Buffalo).

Nette's Fried Chicken.
3118 Main St.
(between Custer St. & Highgate Ave., south/west of the UB South Campus),
University Heights (City of Buffalo).

New Star Chinese Buffet.
1999 Elmwood Ave.
(in the Elmwood Plaza, same location as Regal Elmwood 16 cinema, between Kenmore & Hertel Aves.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

Niagara Café & BBQ.
525 Niagara St.
(at Pennsylvania St.),
Lower West Side (City of Buffalo).

Niagara Culinary Institute Benchmark Restaurant.
135 Taylor Rd.
(at Niagara College, south of Glendale Ave., west of St. Catherines),
Village of Glendale (Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.
1-905-641-2252 x 4619.

Niagara Fallsview Casino.
6380 Fallsview Blvd.
(between Portage Rd. & Murray St.),
City of Niagara Falls (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Nick Charlap's Ice Cream.
7264 Boston State Rd.
(between Zimmerman/Herman Hill Rd. & S. Abbott Rd.),
North Boston (Town of Boston).

Nick's Place.
504 Amherst St.
(at Bush St., north of Buff State),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

Nick's Place Express.
2466 Elmwood Ave.
(between Westgate Rd. & Wabash Ave.),
Village of Kenmore (Town of Tonawanda).

Nina's Custard.
2577 Millersport Hwy.
(east of Campbell Blvd., northeast of the UB North Campus),
Getzville (Town of Amherst).

The Nine-Eleven Tavern.
9–11 Bloomfield Ave.
(just east of South Park Ave.,
west of Ithaca St. & McKinley Pkwy.,
south of Tifft St.),
South Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

Nino's Pizza.
315 Buffalo St.
(at Beverly Pl., south of Clark St.)
Village of Hamburg (Town of Hamburg).

Nissan's Kosher Deli.
3980 Maple Rd.
(in Tops, at N. Bailey Rd.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

Nite Cap Grill.
675 Sheridan Dr.
(at Parkedge Ave., east of 2 Mile Creek Rd.),
Riverview (Town of Tonawanda).

La Nova Wings
La Nova Pizzeria

371 W. Ferry St.
(at Hampshire St., between Grant St. & Richmond Ave.),
West Side (City of Buffalo).

5151 Main St.
(just west of S. Forest Rd. and the Village of Williamsville),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

The Now Pizzeria.
88 Main St.
(east of Center St.,
west of Buffalo St.),
Village of Hamburg


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