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Bill Rapaport's Buffalo Restaurant Guide

Alphabetical Listing of Restaurants: R

Last Update: Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Note: NEW or UPDATED material is highlighted


Rachel's Cafe & Deli    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
Rachel's Mediterranean Food    (Amherst/UB North Campus)
Rainbow Deli    (Downtown Buffalo)
El Ranchito    (Clarence/Harris Hill-Clarence Hollow-Clarence Center area)
Ray's Lounge & Catering    (Buffalo/Kaisertown)
Red Coach Inn    (Niagara Coumty/Niagara Falls, NY)
Red Lobster    (Amherst/North Bailey)
Red Osier Landmark Restaurant    (Genesee County/Batavia-Stafford)
Red Pepper    (Amherst/North Bailey)
Red Robin    (Amherst/North Bailey)
Red Top Hots    (Hamburg/Athol Springs)
Redlinski Meats    (Cheektowaga/Walden)
Reid's    (Niagara County/Lockport)
Remington Tavern & Seafood Exchange    (Niagara County/North Tonawanda)
Rick's on Main    (East Aurora)
Ricotta's Pizza    (Orchard Park/Ellicott)
Ridgeway's Restaurant & Catering    (Canada/Ridgeway-Fort Erie)
Riley Street Station    (East Aurora)
Riley's Famous Roast Beef    (Downtown Buffalo)
Ripa's    (Town of Lancaster)
Risa's Restaurant & Catering    (Downtown Buffalo)
Ristorante Giardino    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Ristorante Lombardo    (North Buffalo-Hertel Ave.)
River Grill    (Town of Tonawanda)
River Oaks Club House & Banquet Facility    (Town of Grand Island)
Riverbend Inn & Vineyard    (Canada/Niagara-on-the-Lake)
Riverside Cafe    (Buffalo/Riverside)
Riverstone Grill    (Town of Grand Island)
Rizotto Ristorante    (Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville)
Rizzo's Casa di Italia Restaurant    (Tonawanda/Brighton)
Rocco's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge    (Chautauqua County/Fredonia)
[***] Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza    (Clarence/East Amherst-Transit Rd.)
UPDATED Rodney's on the Lake    (Hamburg/Athol Springs) UPDATED
Romeo and Juliet's Bakery & Caffe    (North Buffalo, Amherst/"Greater" Williamsville, Hamburg)
Ronny's Take Out Service    (Lancaster)
Rooster's Café    (Lackawanna)
La Rosa Pizzeria (& Peppino's Burritos)
      (Amherst/UB North Campus, Clarence/Harris Hill-Eastern Hills Mall,
      & Niagara County/Niagara Falls-Fashion Outlets)
(Angry Buffalo at) The Rose Garden    (Lancaster/Transit Corners)
Roux Soup Bar & Cafe    (Buffalo/East Side-Downtown)
Royal Family Restaurant    (Tonawanda/Sheridan-Parkside)
The Roycroft Inn    (East Aurora)
[*] Ruby Tuesday    (Chautauqua County/Lakewood)
Rue Franklin    (Downtown Buffalo)
Rundles    (Canada/Stratford)
Russell's Steaks, Chops & More    (Lancaster/Transit Rd.)
Ruth's Chris Steak House    (Canada/Niagara Falls, ON)
Ruzzine's Rock Bottom Eatery    (Clarence/East Amherst-Transit Rd.)

, *, **, ***
Bill's rankings
[XXX] recommendation from contributor whose initials are XXX

All phone numbers are in area code 716, unless otherwise indicated.
All locations are in Erie County, unless otherwise indicated.

Rachel's Cafe & Deli.
5953 Main St.
(across from Williamsville South High School, between Youngs & Garrison Rds., just east of the Village of Williamsville),
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Rachel's Mediterranean Food.
UB Commons (520 Lee Entrance),
UB North Campus) (Town of Amherst).

Rainbow Deli.
403 Main St. #110
(in the Brisbane Building, at Lafayette Sq./Clinton St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

El Ranchito.
9780 Main St.
(across from Sandringham Dr.,
east of Spaulding Dr.,
& west of Kraus Rd./Rock Oak Pkwy.,
which are between Goodrich Rd. & Strickler/Shisler Rds.,
east of Harris Hill,
south of Clarence Center,
& west of Clarence Hollow),
Town of Clarence

Ray's Lounge and Catering.
2070 Clinton St.
(between S. Ogden St. & S. Rossler Ave.),
Kaisertown (City of Buffalo).

Red Coach Inn.
2 Buffalo Ave.
(at the northeast intersection with the southern portion of Main St.,
southwest of Rainbow Blvd.),
City of Niagara Falls (Niagara County), NY.
282-1459 or 1-866-719-2070.

Red Lobster.
4010 Maple Rd.
(at N. Bailey Ave.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

Also at other locations.

Red Osier Landmark Restaurant. —WARNING: WEBSITE PLAYS A LOUD VIDEO!
6492 Main Rd.(*) (Rt. 5)
(east of Morganville Rd., east of Batavia),
Stafford (Town of Stafford, Genesee County).
1-585-343-6972 or 1-888-343-6972.

(*) Or possibly 6492 E. Main St., or 6492 E. Main St. Rd., or various other combinations of "east", "main", "street", and "road",
very few of which show up on Google Maps or MapQuest, though Bing Maps seems to do well.
The address I cite above is the only one that worked on Google Maps.
Red Osier's webpage link to MapQuest doesn't work!

Red Pepper.
3910 Maple Rd.
(across from Boulevard Mall, between Niagara Falls Blvd. & N. Bailey Ave.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

Red Robin.
4080 Maple Rd.
(at Bowmart Pkwy., between N. Bailey Ave. & Sweet Home Rd.),
North Bailey (Town of Amherst).

Red Top Hots.
3360 Big Tree Rd.
(just east of Lake Shore Rd./Rt. 5),
Athol Springs (Town of Hamburg).

Redlinski Meats and BuffaloFoods.com.
1585 Walden Ave.
(between Harlem Rd. & Galleria Dr., near Thruway Plaza),
Walden (Town of Cheektowaga).

150 Lake Ave.
(between Clinton & Olcott Sts., near the Erie Canal)
City of Lockport (Niagara County).

Remington Tavern & Seafood Exchange.
183 Sweeney St.
(west of Oliver St.,
east of Marion St. & Main St./Rt. 384,
across Sweeney St. from Tonawanda Creek,
near Tonawanda Island),
City of North Tonawanda (Niagara County).

Rick's on Main.
687 Main St.
(at the southwest corner with Temple Pl.,
west of Olean St./Rt. 16,
east of Elm St.)
Village of East Aurora (Town of Aurora).

Ricotta's Pizza.
7025 Ellicott Rd.
(at the multiple intersections of Scheff Rd., S. Freeman Rd., Ellicott Rd., & Powers Rd., southeast of Duell's Corner, west of Loveland),
Ellicott (Town of Orchard Park).
667-7827 (but their website says: 662-4731).

Ridgeway's Restaurant & Catering.
355 Ridge Rd. N.
(just south of Dominion Rd., between Garrison Rd. & Crystal Beach),
Village of Ridgeway (Town of Fort Erie, Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Riley Street Station.
27 Riley St.
(north of Main St., between Olean St. & Maple Rd.),
Village of East Aurora (Town of Aurora).

Riley's Famous Roast Beef.
Main & Court Sts. at Lafayette Square,
Downtown Buffalo.

4218 Walden Ave.
(between Story Rd. & Walden Pond Park(*), near the Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport, northeast of the Village of Lancaster),
Town of Lancaster.

(*) And I'll bet you thought that that was somewhere in New England!

Risa's Restaurant & Catering.
285 Delaware Ave.
(in the M&T Building, between W. Tupper & W. Chippewa Sts.),
Downtown Buffalo.

Ristorante Giardino.
142 Queen St.
(in the Gate House Hotel, between Mississauga & King Sts.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Ristorante Lombardo.
1198 Hertel Ave.
(east of Virgil Ave. & Delaware Ave.,
& west of Lovering Ave. & Colvin Ave.),
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

River Grill.
70 Aqua Lane
(on the other side of the I-190/Niagara Thruway from River Rd./Niagara St. & the GM Powertrain Tonawanda Engine plant, just north of Tonwawanda's Old Town & Buffalo's Riverside),
Town of Tonawanda.

River Oaks Club House & Banquet Facility.
201 Whitehaven Rd.
(west of E. River Rd., across the Niagara River from Tonawanda Island),
Town of Grand Island.
773-3337 ext 17.

Riverbend Inn and Vineyard.
16104 Niagara Pkwy.
(between East and West Line & John St. E.),
Old Town Niagara-on-the-Lake (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.
1-905-468-8866 or 1-888-955-5553.

Riverside Cafe.
800 Tonawanda St.
(at the southwest corner with Prairie Ave.,
north of Heward Ave. & Ontario St.),
Riverside (City of Buffalo).

The Riverstone Grill.
971 East River Rd.
(where East River Rd. splits off from N. Colony Rd., south of Grandyle Village, north of Ferry Village),
Town of Grand Island.

Rizotto Ristorante.
930 Maple Rd.
(west of Sundown Trl. & Hopkins Rd.,
east of Old Lyme Dr. & N. Forest Rd.)
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst)

Rizzo's Casa di Italia Restaurant.(*)
(*) Shouldn't that be "Casa d'Italia"?

2763 Eggert Rd.
(just south of Brighton Rd.),
Brighton (Town of Tonawanda).

Rocco's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge.
44 Orchard St.
(south of E. Main St., between Eagle & Prospect Sts.),
Village of Fredonia (Town of Pomfret, northern Chautauqua County).

No relation to Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza on Transit Rd. in Clarence.

[***] Rocco's Wood Fired Pizza.
• Facebook page
5433 Transit Rd.
(in Valu Plaza,
directly across Transit Rd. from the foot of Renaissance Dr.,
across from Target;
south of Roll Rd./Klein Rd.,
& north of Village Station Cir. & Greiner Rd./Maple Rd.;
north of the hamlet of Harris Hill & south of East Amherst),
Town of Clarence.

Rodney's on the Lake.
4179 Lake Shore Rd. (Rt. 5),
(at Seabreeze Ave.,
south/west of St. Francis High School & Big Tree Rd.),
Athol Springs (Town of Hamburg).

Romeo and Juliet's Bakery & Caffe.

1292 Hertel Ave.
(at the northeast corner with Crestwood Ave.,
1 block west of Colvin Ave.)
North Buffalo (City of Buffalo).

4572 Clark St.
(at the northeast corner with McKinley Pkwy.,
across the street from the northeast corner of the Village of Hamburg)
Town of Hamburg.
• Former location of Giacobbi's Pasta and Pizza.

5199 Sheridan Dr.
(just west of Evans St./Hopkins Rd.)
"Greater" Williamsville (Town of Amherst).

Ronny's Take Out Service.
222 Aurora St.
(at Como Park Blvd.),
Village of Lancaster (Town of Lancaster).

Rooster's Café.
93 Ridge Rd.
(at Gates Ave., just east of the Rt. 5/Father Baker Memorial Hwy.),
City of Lackawanna.

La Rosa NY Style Pizzeria & Peppino's Burritos.

La Rosa only:

La Rosa & Peppino's:

Roux Soup Bar & Cafe.
1 News Plaza
(in The Buffalo News Building,
on Washington St.,
south of the I-190 Niagara Thruway and Exchange St.,
north of Scott St.),
East Side, just south of Downtown (City of Buffalo).

Royal Family Restaurant.
1320 Sheridan Dr.
(at Military Rd.),
Sheridan-Parkside (Town of Tonawanda).

The Roycroft Inn.
40 S. Grove St.
(south of Main St./Rts. 16/20A/78,
north of Oakwood Ave.),
Village of East Aurora (Town of Aurora).

Ruby Tuesday.
300 E. Fairmount Ave.
(next to Chautauqua Mall,
east of Mall Blvd.,
west of Southwestern Dr.),
Village of Lakewood (Town of Busti, southern Chautauqua County).

Rue Franklin.
341 Franklin St.
(north of W. Tupper St.,
south of Edward St.),
Downtown Buffalo.

9 Cobourg St.
(between Lakeside Dr. & Waterloo St. S.),
Falstaff Ward (City of Stratford, Perth County), ON, CANADA.

Russell's Steaks, Chops & More.
6675 Transit Rd.
(south of Wehrle Dr.,
near the Regal Transit Center Stadium 18 & IMAX,
in the very northwest corner of the town,
near Harris Hill & Transit Corners),
Town of Lancaster.

Ruth's Chris Steak House.
6455 Fallsview Blvd.
(in the Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel,
between Dixon St. & Murray St.),
City of Niagara Falls (Niagara Region), ON, CANADA.

Ruzzine's Rock Bottom Eatery.
6261 Transit Rd.
(between Muegel Rd. & Old Post Rd. W./Casey Rd.),
East Amherst (Town of Clarence).


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