CSE 490/590

Spring 2011

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Tentative Schedule

The lecture notes are heavily based on other sources. Please see the copyright notice.

Wed 1/19 Introduction pptx pdf
Fri 1/21 Intro II and Technology Trends pptx pdf Chapter 1
Mon 1/24 ISAs and MIPS pptx pdf Appendix B Introduction to FPGA & Verilog pdf
Wed 1/26 Basic Pipelining I pptx pdf Appendix A.1 - A.4
Fri 1/28 Basic Pipelining II pptx pdf
Mon 1/31 Basic Pipelining III pptx pdf Structural Verilog & The Test Fixture pdf
Wed 2/2 Class Cancelled Due to Snowstorm
Fri 2/4 Cache I pptx pdf Appendix C & Chapter 5
Mon 2/7 Cache II pptx pdf Behavioral Modeling pdf
Wed 2/9 Review
Fri 2/11 Quiz 1 Quiz 1 pdf
Mon 2/14 Cache III pptx pdf Examples & Demo I pdf
Wed 2/16 Cache IV pptx pdf
Fri 2/18 Address Translation and Protection pptx pdf
Mon 2/21 Virtual Memory I pptx pdf More Examples & Project 1 Spec pdf
Wed 2/23 Virtual Memory II pptx pdf
Fri 2/25 Complex Pipelining I pptx pdf Appendix A.5 - A.8
Mon 2/28 Complex Pipelining II pptx pdf HW 1 pdf
Wed 3/2 Review
Fri 3/4 Exam 1 Exam 1 pdf
Mon 3/7 ILP I pptx pdf Chapter 2
Wed 3/9 Guest Lecture by Kris Schindler
Fri 3/11 Guest Lecture by Tevfik Kosar Project 1
Week 9
Mon 3/14 - Fri 3/18
Spring Break
Mon 3/21 ILP II pptx pdf
Wed 3/23 ILP III pptx pdf
Fri 3/25 ILP III (cont) HW 2 pdf sol
Mon 3/28 VLIW pptx pdf Chapter 2
Wed 3/30 Multithreading I pptx pdf Chapter 3
Fri 4/1 Multithreading II pptx pdf
Mon 4/4 Synchronization and Consistency I pptx pdf Chapter 4
Wed 4/6 Review
Fri 4/8 Quiz 2 Quiz 2 pdf
Mon 4/11 Synchronization and Consistency II pptx pdf
Wed 4/13 Snoopy Caches I pptx pdf
Fri 4/15 CSE Graduate Conference (No Class)
Mon 4/18 Snoopy Caches II pptx pdf
Wed 4/20 Directory Protocols I pptx pdf
Fri 4/22 Directory Protocols II pptx pdf
Mon 4/25 Virtual Machines I pptx pdf Chapter 5 HW 3 pdf sol
Wed 4/27 Virtual Machines II
Fri 4/29 Intel Nehalem pptx pdf
Mon 5/2 Project Day Project 2
Week 17 Finals Exam 2